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Technical Review: Donchian Lower Band Touches 10.81 for DASAN Zhone Solutions, Inc. (:DZSI)

Following all the swirling information about publically traded companies can be quite a task. Every day there may be new pieces of news that emerge about a specific company. The prudent investor is typically able to keep abreast of the information, but most importantly figure out what news is worth paying attention to, and what news should be filtered out. […]

Bahraini policeman killed, 8 wounded in bomb attack

Authorities opened an investigation into the attack and police began a manhunt to find and arrest the assailants, the ministry said.(Representational Image) Related News A Bahraini policeman was killed and eight others wounded in a “terrorist” bomb attack on the bus in which they were travelling, the interior ministry said. The eight wounded policemen sustained serious to medium injuries and […]

Donchian Channels Under Review for This Stock: Sino-Global Shipping America, Ltd. (NASDAQ:SINO): 20 Day Upper Donchian is 0.95

There are various ways that the individual investor can approach stock picking. Starting from the top-down, investors may study overall market trends. This may include examining different sectors looking for the ones that are poised to prosper in the future. Once potential industries or sectors are identified, the investor can then start to sift through individual stocks within those groups. […]