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Checking the Levels for William Lyon Homes (WLH)

Stock Performance View Tracking current trading session activity on shares of William Lyon Homes (WLH), we can see that the stock price recently hit 15.11. At the open, shares were trading at 15.18. Since the start of the session, the stock has topped out with a high of 15.25 and bottomed with a low of 14.9. After noting current price levels, […]

With a Target Weight of 0.04790, Is 0.05691 Cash Flow Change For Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc. (NYSE:HST) Enough for Investors?

Investors looking to take advantage of cash heavy shares, they might look first to the cash flow of a company, and how fast that is growing.  Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc. (NYSE:HST)  currently has one year cash flow growth of 0.05691 1yr Growth Cash Flow = 1 year percentage growth of a company’s Cash Flow from operations (Cash Flow Statement). Analyzing cash flow can […]

Scout24 AG (XTRA:G24) is Rolling With a Magic Formula Rank of 4301

Scout24 AG (XTRA:G24)’s Magic Formula Rank stands at 4301.  The formula uses ROIC and earnings yield ratios to find quality, undervalued stocks. In general, companies with the lowest combined rank may be the higher quality picks.Investors might have been ready to throw in the towel as the rally stalled recently. However, the panic subsided and growth-hungry investors came searching for […]

Galilee Energy Limited (GLL.AX) Pounding Lower into Potential Oversold Territory

The Stochastic Momentum Index (SMI) for Galilee Energy Limited (GLL.AX) has dipped below -40, reaching key levels.  The most common method of using SMI is to look for buy trades when the SMI falls under -40 and then rises back above through -40.  Sell trades are looked for when the SMI rises above +40 and then falls back below +40.  The SMI is […]

Stock Under the Lens: First Internet Bancorp (NASDAQ:INBK): SMA 30 Hits 20.898167

Stock analysis typically falls into two main categories. Some investors may prefer technical analysis, and others may prefer to study the fundamentals. Many investors will keep an eye on both. Technical analysis involves trying to project future stock price movements based on prior stock activity. Technicians strive to identify chart patterns and study other historical price and volume data. Technical […]