Investors might be trying to figure out an investment plan that is right for them. Some may opt to go with a short-term plan, and others may choose to invest in stocks for the long haul. The thought of creating a defined plan may be overwhelming to some. Comparing the plusses and minuses of both may be a good way to start forming a strategy. Investing for the short-term may offer chances to capitalize on gains over a few weeks or months. There may be more fluctuations to deal with in the short-term, but the rewards may be greater if managed properly. One drawback of investing for the short-term is that it may involve more risk. The element of correct timing comes into play when trying to enter or exit a position, which may not be for everyone. Investing for the long-term may be a safer way to go as investors are typically looking for smaller gains over a longer period of time.

Traders using technical analysis may be employing moving average indicators to assist with gauging a certain market move or to indicate its strength. Many traders will rely on the EMA or Exponential Moving Average to accomplish this. Checking on some recent levels for Schwab Fundamental US Small Company ETF (:FNDA), we can see that the 10 day EMA is 36.69972, the 20 day is 36.50604, and the 30 day is 36.25549. Pulling back a bit, we note that the 100 day EMA is 35.80501, the 50 day is 35.87824, and the 200 day EMA is 36.58887.

A good way for investors to understand stock price movements is to look at how it has performed at various intervals in the past. Tracking shares of Schwab Fundamental US Small Company ETF (:FNDA), we see that the most recent close price was 36.71
Year-to-date: 11.693057
Prior week: 0.1912046
Prior month: 4.7401485
Last 6 months:-10.230054
Last 3 months: -3.5244608

After a recent check, we see that the Bull Bear Power reading is -0.055545334. Moving to some volatility readings, we see that the current value is 0.861927. Looking out for the week, volatility is 0.9175412. For the previous month, volatility is at 1.0289317. Investors often track volatility across sectors to compare with the overall volatility in the market.

Traders use pivot point analysis to help determine key levels where a stock price may react. Tracking these turn around levels may help the trader while attempting stock analysis. Looking at some current one month pivots, we note that the Fibonacci pivot is 36.343334 while the Fibonacci support 1 pivot is 35.999535, and the Fibonacci support 2 is 35.787132. Checking on the one month Woodie pivot, we note the level at 36.405. The Woodie support 1 pivot is 36.14, and the Woodie resistance 1 pivot is 37.04.

Following recent trading activity, we note that Schwab Fundamental US Small Company ETF (:FNDA) has seen a move of 0.44655073% since the open. The prior close was 36.71 and the one month high price is currently 37.1.

Shifting the technical focus to Keltner Channels, we see that the 20 day upper envelope is 36.76189. The 20 day lower envelope is currently 36.250187. Traders may be watching for a breakthrough of the higher or lower Keltner bands.

Investors are always trying to get an advantage in the equity market. Everyone wants to find that next great stock pick that provides a solid boost to the portfolio. Investors often identify risk preference when trying to sort out asset allocation. In general, a higher amount of risk may offer a greater potential for growth. Many investors may struggle with the concept of leaving emotion out of picking stocks. Equity research may involve a high degree of patience, determination, and lots of homework. Learning everything possible about the markets can help the individual investor better navigate the waters. As the old saying goes, knowledge is power. Being able to filter through the data to determine what is relevant information may assist the investor with making those tough investment decisions.

Investors might be looking around every corner when analyzing shares of Schwab Fundamental US Small Company ETF (:FNDA). Many investors will closely track a stock when it nears a major historical high or low point. Let’s take a quick peek at some major historical highs and lows for the stock:

All time high: 41.832
All time low: 23.89
52 week high: 41.832
52 week low: 30.9833
6 month high: 41.832
6 month low: 30.9833
3 month high: 38.62
3 month low: 30.9833
One month high: 37.1
One month low: 34.662

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