‘Love transcends all barriers‘: Jessica Marais praises boyfriend Jake Holly for giving her ‘hope‘ as she completes a four-week stint in a mental health facility after skipping the Logies

She recently returned home after spending four weeks in a mental health facility.

And Jessica Marais paid tribute to her boyfriend Jake Holly for getting her through the difficult time, praising his ‘contagious kindness‘ in an  post on Monday.

Sharing a black and white snap of the couple, she wrote in the caption: ‘You can go 40 days without food, four days without water, four minutes without air, but not a moment without hope.‘

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Jessica continued: ‘So grateful for hope-filled and faith-filled humans who have contagious kindness. 

‘Love transcends all barriers both internal and external, the world could do with more of it.‘

Jake was quick to respond with his own social media tribute, writing that he was ‘so proud‘ of Jessica for turning a dark period of her life into something ‘positive‘.

Sharing a photo of the 33-year-old actress, he wrote: ‘Jess, I am so proud of you. Yes, you won a Logie, and that‘s awesome. I love you babe, keep doing you, you do it so well.‘

Jessica commented underneath his post: ‘Right back at you, you peace-filled wonder man!‘

The Wrong Girl star left The Sydney Clinic in Bronte last week after being admitted to help address ‘urgent‘ health issues.

Jessica was forced to miss the Logie Awards in order to receive treatment.

Despite not revealing the reason she checked into the clinic last month, Jessica has spoken about her struggle with bipolar disorder in the past.

After winning a Logie in absentia, the TV star took to  to thank fans for their continues support of Love Child and The Wrong Girl.

She also thanked 2018 Gold Logie winner Grant Denyer, who spoke of his own personal troubles during his acceptance speech.

‘Your speech moved me to tears. And gives me strength. Courage in the quiet battle,‘ she wrote, appearing to reference their shared struggles.

Jessica began dating Sydney photographer Jake in January and they have been pictured attending Hillsong Church services together.

She is also mother to six-year-old Scout, who she shares with her ex James Stewart.


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